Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Spirit?

My wife mentioned just yesterday how everyone seems to be nice during Christmas season. I think her observations are on track but it seems that the Christmas Spirit.....actually all common courtesy seems to be an exception when it comes to traffic. It's funny how we all seem to take on some assumption that we're in our own little world when we're behind the wheel, singing along and dancing (in your limited space) to a song that no one else can hear, digging for gold in the two tunnels on your face, and the classic road rage that you would normally not entertain when outside your motor vehicle. Oops....I digress.

On my way home from work, this guy in front of me (with a huge "WARRIORS" NRL sticker on the back of his car, don't know why I put this in, but I'll leave it anyway), had a car on our right lane cut in front of him, he tried to make sure the other car didn't succeed but the other car managed to force his way in (maybe the WARRIORS guy didn't want to go through the hassles of insurance so he eventually caved) Well sure enough, this was followed by the rapid beeping of the horn, the flipping of the bird, and the slew of expletives from Mr Warriors. If that wasn't enough, he made sure he drove as close as he could to the bumper of the other car.
So much for the Christmas Spirit.

Adding to that I spoke to Sokha earlier today while I was at work, and she says my son and her couldn't get a car park because it was so busy at the shopping centres, this is also supported by Nato's facebook post about how packed they were too. I bet there was a no-show of Christmas Spirit there too.

Just take note that you're still you when you jump in your cars these holidays. Don't lose your marbles, and those drivers with the reindeer horns and red-noses.....well you best live up to your dress standards!

There is hope though, the offending car eventually pulled over to let the other car over take him. All was calm after that. And the WARRIORS boy was then at peace.

Take advantage of the Christmas Spirit and make some new friends, failing that, walk, bike and leave the car at home.



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