Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life's a pitch

My son Uriah had asked me awhile back to take him fishing. Well, I said he'd have to wait until holidays, but secretly I was hoping he'd forget because I have never prepared the rod, cast the line, and felt the thrill of catching fish. This week I have been on holiday and Uriah has been relentless at holding me to my word. Thanks to brother Steve Krouse and his fishing expertise, he agreed to meet me at a suggested local park and I was able to impress my son (somewhat). Unfortunately Steve hadn't worked out that we were in viewing range for Uriah to see me taking instructions from him.

Before long, other friends joined us at the park and a planned cricket game was set to start. But to play cricket we needed a pitch which was non-existent. The grass was long because of the amount of rain we have been receiving (refer to which would make it quite difficult for professional leg spinners to execute their spins, but there were none in our group so that was okay.

It was very amusing to see Sam (one of the boys) pushing a lawnmower on to the grass, to make the cricket pitch. There were a few thoughts that shot through my mind at that moment, "man this guy is above the law", then "well the council should've had this mowed with the amount of rain we've had", then I thought, "this has got to be the freshiest thing I've seen all year, and Sam's not even a freshy".(from the islands I mean, usually it's a term we use to infer on those who are new to the country and aren't too familiar with the common etiquette or laws and therefore usually leads to some amusing observations)

In any case, this was pretty innovative. To think and intentionally plan on bringing the lawnmower in case we needed a cricket pitch. But ethically was it right for us to take that initiative? From all angles it looks bad:
  • Sam is not the employed/contracted mower for the park
  • Sam or any of us do not have or have been granted the role of mowing public property
  • He's made the council look like they haven't done their job
  • Sam didn't get any reward for his effort (other than being the longest surviving batsman for the day)
  • And Sam's not a freshy

How often have we got ourselves caught in a sticky situation because we didn't know or understand our role? We all have a position and role to play in whatever we do in our families, society, and even globally. In our families we are either a son/daughter, husband/wife, father/mother etc. And with those come our responsibilities. For example I find my wife and I have assumed certain roles and have assigned certain roles. And with Uriah in the picture, he too now has assigned roles, and I am certain he will assume some in times to come. In any case we all have tasks to complete, we all know how it affects others in the household, and what is expected and who to report to. Things work fine when we're all dutifully fulfilling these roles, but it is quite obvious when a bill hasn't been paid and the final notice is received, when rubbish day has been missed, and the floor hasn't been swept up after breakfast. We know amongst ourselves who was responsible and it's easy to know who to see and even sometimes, prepare yourself to face the music.

It causes me to think how important and significant it is for you and me to "know your role" as the Rock would say. And not just that, know the roles of those around you, who it is you report to, and who it is that reports to you. It is my observation (including myself) that we often underestimate our role in the bigger picture, never take yourself for granted. We all have a job to do while we're here, and the more you don't do anything about it, the less you are more likely to discover the magnitude of how much you matter. So with this in mind, work out where you are at right now, are you on the way, or in the way? Whatever the answer is..........move.

Although Sam was out of role to mow the lawn, the positive side is the council worker won't have to mow the 3M x 10M bald spot in the middle of the park. And, this has got to be the freshiest thing I've seen all year.

For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11



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