Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting active, staying active

For the past few weeks I've been monitoring how active or inactive I am. This came about after realising that I don't exercise enough during the week and input (food) vs output (burning the food energy) was out of whack, and I'm overweight which is a health concern too. Unfortunately I don't seem to appreciate this as much as my family does, so I'm doing it, and I realise how short I've fallen in being active and how serious my current condition is.

It's been good, but you can check out my youtube videos for a more comprehensive look into my progress or lack thereof. It was basically a two week commitment to get things kicked off, and it has paid off somewhat.

But this blog is more to do with a friend I familiarised with over the last three months. He came from Samoa and I learned (amongst many other things) that he cared for a plantation in Samoa. He told me that he had worked for an employer, but they paid $2 an hour. Income vs Lifestyle is hugely imbalanced so he decided he'd take matters in his own hands to grow and sell farmed food at the markets. This my friends was fascinating!

I asked him what he did, and as he explained, I felt myself increasing in respect for this guy as he is similar in age to me. He explained how he plans like a designer which and where the trees will line up. He then prepares the soil (one of the difficult jobs he says), plants the seeds, maintains and cares for the plants and then harvests them. After he harvests he loads his Ute (truck) to take down to the markets for selling. I don't have ask about profit margins, I'm already awestruck. I have no idea how to do the things he does, and I know I should know how to do these things.

The age of convenience has conditioned me to shop at the supermarkets and rely on organisations to give me my income so I can go to the supermarkets. If I lived the life that my friend from Samoa lived, I wouldn't have to focus so much on having to stay active, as my everyday living would require it from me.

My wife still fascinates about living in the country and having a herbal farm. I'm going to need a lot of prayer to get me in that mind (and physical) frame. I may even ask my friend from Samoa to come over to show me how.

It really makes me think how great and convenient things can be, but in the same vain it can also deprive us from things that our body and mind need. Excercise, Sun, Nutrition.....I like it this following acronym.

N - utrition
E - xcercise
W - ater
S - un
T - emperance
A - ir
R - est
T - rust in God.

Thats what I need. I am certainly in no position to claim any accolades for my current health, but hows things in your neck of the woods?



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