Thursday, September 29, 2011

FENCES - Part 1

Sheep are so smart that it doesn't take long for them to learn the discipline of the electric fence. The sheep who dares to cross the line will familiarise with the awkward buzz.
The shock the sheep feels, deals directly with their daring intention. To cross the line and taste the goodness of the greener grass on the other side of the fence. But pretty soon it becomes apparent that greener pastures isn't worth the buzz.
The reverberating pulse of electric currents arrests the equilibrium. The shock isn't sufficient to turn the sheep into mutton, but just the right amount to push the discomfort button. Repetition makes perfect, and in this case....perfect fear.
Pretty soon it becomes apparent that greener pastures isn't worth the fuss.
Growing up in New Zealand, I remember a sheep show on television. Farmers in sync with their sheep dogs exhibited their skills in controlling sheep. The Farmer harnessing horse, bellowing jargon, as the bark on the dog flogged sheep silly. Moving them from one area to another and showing the audience that they knew how the job was to be done.
Meanwhile, in the middle east, one shepherd for every one hundred sheep. No horses, no hollering, hooting, or barks from a dog. A single man walking ahead of the sheep, did you get that? He leads the sheep. His calls are directions which the sheep understand. The voice they are attuned to, are notes that turn discourse into harmony. They know their leader, and the leader knows them. When they are thirsty, they are directed to water, when they are hurt, He applies a meticulously mixed concoction of medicinal herbs, to heal the cut, graze or burn.
It soon becomes apparent that trusting the shepherd is a must!
And get this! There's no fence! There is NO FENCE!
The fence is trust, the fence is not a pulse of electric currents to throw you off course, but to bring you back on it. As long as you can see and hear Him, and He can see and hear you, pretty soon it becomes apparent that greener grass tastes good......real good.
Free to wander, free to ponder, free to wonder.
Repetition makes perfect, and perfect love casts out fear.



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