Thursday, October 6, 2011

Samoans, a disgrace to world rugby - by Greg Hurvitz

Note from blogger: this is a copy that has been removed from the following link

""So we know that the Pacific Island’s rugby reputation is one of immense physicality with some decent skill in open and broken rugby. The physical side of their game is attributed to their large build.

Western Samoa have always revelled in levelling the physical playing field with the Springboks. In 1995 Joost van der Westhuizen and Andre Joubert were victims of the most heinous rugby transgressions — not much punishment was meted out in a time where on-field discipline was mostly left to the referee. In 2003 Derick Hougaard got absolutely pile-driven into the turf by Brian Lima, who built his relationship on all he offered to the game, bone-crunching (mostly illegal) body contact with opposition. But nothing like 2011 has been seen before.

The excuse of culture just does not sit with me this time around. What Western Samoa did on in New Zealand was inexcusable and a disgrace to rugby. It was abundantly clear from the outset that they had no intention of making this game a rugby skills contest but in fact they had one objective, to physically abuse as many players in white and green jerseys as possible. I wish there was a column in these useless after-match statistics for off-the-ball play. No doubt Western Samoa would have rated 100%, their only dominance in the game. Not because the Boks were physically inferior but purely because the professional world champions came to the field to stick to their plan — to play rugby. Play the ball not the man.

Western Samoa tarnished the Rugby World Cup on that day and the International Rugby Board (IRB) will be classed spineless by me, a stakeholder in the game, if they do not act against this rugby union for bringing the game into shameful disrepute. There is no place for such rugby teams in world rugby. No place for such poor role models. As the governing body the IRB should take a very firm stand against the Samoans. No more excuses of culture and this is the way they play the game. If this is the way Samoa have resolved to play the game, they should play it in their own backyard. The world-class professional outfits should not be subjected to matches where players get ruled out of the contest because of unprofessional physicality.

On the other side of the coin, the former “brutes” of world rugby, the Springboks, have displayed an impeccable disciplinary record for a very long time. The conduct of the Boks on the paddock with this so called Test rugby nation was sensational, sticking to their plan and their focus at all costs. I was happy to see Paul Williams get a red card but am horrified and disgusted that he has reportedly escaped any further punishment. I can assure you that if the situation was reversed, Heinrich Brussow would have been suspended for a few games. The IRB lacks consistency in this department and best get its house in order very smartly. They seem rather more focused on a Western Samoan’s Twitter outburst calling the ref a few names but off-the-play is tolerated as it is “how they play the game”.

I must emphasise my message to Western Samoa, you should travel back to your country of birth with your heads bowed in shame for your childish and disgraceful behaviour. To the Springboks, your professional reaction is acknowledged and long may it continue under future Bok leadership. To the IRB, wake up and smell the coffee. The disciplinary process is inconsistent and weak, get it right. You’re ruining the game I love and the team I support is far too often the victim of this.""


  1. Honestly your such a prick for writing this shit. No joke i honestly believe your a dumb dead dog still walking. Look here one comment and you all are bloody hell chucking a DAMN sook! Need grow up and take it like men! I don't understand why you guys are attacking us Samoans but seriously what ever the problem you have with us let it go! No use of you guys coming here and trying to fight nothing. the IRB are a load of shit that really need to start being fair with everything they throw at us islanders. So please take your 2 cents back cos it so not needed. And Its manu Samoa you prick! Im disgusted at the fact through out your lil blog you only mentioned Western Samoa!! I would like to start with your background but i won't cos im just not as cool as you!!

  2. You have generalised on all levels! It's not the western samoans, It's Manu Samoa. Let's not forget Greg, Rugby is only a game, and you can't come out here, and start generalising over a game! The SA rugby team are not all squeaky clean, they would have a lot more history behind them in being dirty players, in fact, all the teams bring there style into play, whether it be dirty or not! Over the years of RWC if fans don't agree with some of the SA plays, you don't see anyone throwing crap in ALL SOUTH AFRICANS (black or white)faces, I don't remember this kind of nonsense being said about them at all. Take your own advice and be professional and YOU should wake up and smell the coffee! At the end of the day, RUGBY IS THE WINNER! Abit of education for's MANU SAMOA not the WESTERN SAMOANS???!!! This is why you have received a lot of negative feedback, because it is very offensive and comes off as being racist! Samoa is not made up of just WESTERN SAMOA, you ignorant person! LOOK IT UP before you write a blog! There was nothing wrong with the way MANU SAMOA has carried themselves in the RWC, or even leading up to the RWC....they have disciplined themselves also, hence why they beat The wallabies prior, and made a name for themselves for a team to look out for in future rugby! If your wanting the IRB to be firm with the Manu Samoa team, then it's your own fear that this team will bring great competition into future rugby and I'm not sure your ready for a small country to take the reigns from SA as one of the most competitive and tough teams in future rugby. I don't see you writing a blog about Italy (Italy vs Ireland) being dirty? or any other team for that matter?...out right personal foolishness is all I have to say! Do some research in future!

  3. messing with the wrong people faaatso.

  4. RUGBY is a physical game if you cant handle it maybe u should start watching golf.

    im guessing its just Fear. Scared aye! thats alright too. Stick to marbles m8 coz this sport is for men.

    Also you sound like a educated person but then as the other comments mention you did not do your research so maybe not.

    So next time you feel the need to write a article discriminating on a particular Team, race or person take the initiative to research otherwise NEK get these negative as comments pointing out dat you need more schooling.

    To the Country of Samoa your team did you proud and i cant wait for the next World Cup where all the under dogs make their mark!

    Cheers to that 1 Greg


  5. I thought Sports Columnists first research about their topic before writing crazy idotic statements about a country and people they know absolutely "jack" all about.. Just shows how scared you are of the Manu Samoa... scared because you know deep down inside "Manu won that game". Shame on you SA for thinking you're the only "clean" players in the game.. Be a man & harden up! Stop complaining about the injuries you received just 'cause you almost lost.. not only to Samoa but to Wales as well.

    Watch your back Greg Hurvitz.. there's more Samoan's in SA then you realise.. and we are a ruthless people, you aint seen nothing yet.

  6. "You’re ruining the game I love and the team I support is far too often the victim of this." - Harden up Greg! This game is for men and the Samoans have the physicality to match the sport.. why else would several countries within the IRB select players of Samoan descent.

    Get a life Greg! You useless prick!

  7. This blog is the opinion of one man not a bloody nation. Everyone who wrote offensive comments on Greg's blog took it to a different level and should be ashamed of themselves. It was disgusting. Show a bit of integrity! As soon as something negative is said about ones country everyone jumps on the bandwagon and perpetuates the issue. Would there have been such an uproar had he not been from South Africa???? Perhaps, but not to the extent it did with Greg's blog. As much as I wanted to break his nuts we just need to keep things in perspective, get over it and move on people!!

  8. As much as I appreciate ur expressions of frustration. Please don't make this comment section a similar tirade on the original article. I suggest u contact him personally and leave it in his court to reply or not. I'm yet to receive a response, but at least I had opportunity to be heard (read) right?

  9. written 5 days, but I just came across it. It's not a response to the topic at hand but he makes some valid points about the overall reaction and sport.

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  11. We're not talking table tennis here its rugby for crying out loud greg and physicality is part in parcel of the game. Can't blame a people for being physical by nature??? no brainer...

    As far as cheating is concerned talk to the ref/ authorities greg because you're boks ain't exactly cheat free.

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  12. I understand you are hurting after you're loss to the wallabies which has led to you're premature exit from the RWC.

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