Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pop weddings?

Some of the conversation at work revolved around the recent divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. (I hadn't even realised she was married until the media covered this story).  Not only at work was this topic being discussed, but the panel on morning shows, news etc also discussed the divorce, mainly because the marriage lasted for a whopping 72 days. The main issues were whether it was just a publicity stunt, or whether something really serious had come up for Kim to call it quits.

What got me was, no-one ever brought up the fact that the institution of marriage is no longer as sacred as it should be. Stats of divorce, the constant outcry of same-sex marriages, the enormous incline of family counselling  and the trend of specialist for kids who come from families of divorce are only a few symptoms of this first-world country epidemic.

I really don't care whether it's a public stunt or not, but the fact is she's famous, and apparently a teen/youth icon in the world of fashion, and therefore has leverage as far as influence is concerned. The message she has diffused from this divorce is that Marriage is not important, and even more so accountability to her groom and the whole world that watched is null and void.

We live in a time where accountability is downplayed where "Honour" apparently should only be uttered from the lips of a sword-bearing Samurai. It is here, that we can see the problem of having nobody to answer to. No-body to be your keeper. Accountability starts in the home, first between husband and wife, then the parents teach it to their kids, who meet their life partners to continue the "Honour" of a covenant marriage.

The irony of our society today is that the unsung heroes are the parents who have held it together to bring up children of accountability, children who honour their word. These children who grow up to identify the magnitude of their effect upon another when their promises are sealed by their word. The parents of these children are not on reality tv-shows, have not made a tape of their sacred sex lives for exhibition, and do not act in the theatrics of public-display-of-affection.

Their lives are considered boring, mundane, and restricted by their marital vows, and their parental duties. No Hollywood director or reality TV show producer would ever make a successful production of this story because the secular world can not identify and believe it to be unrealistic....possibly self-righteous?

However, credit needs to be given to these individuals. Their example and their diligence to stick to principle should be placed on a pedestal. They are the covenant keepers of society who still sound the standards of principle when it matters most. Oh I wish television shows would speak more of these couples, I wish the message of marital status was played up, rather than drummed down by media. It does effect and influence.

Homer Simpson is worse than a joke, Al Bundy should fall in the same, and from what I've seen from the shorts of "American Dad", why should the world take the family man seriously? This is why I surround myself around godly men, my Dad, friends who I've grown up with and are men of their word (which is why we're still friends). Although the best thing I can do is to live by this principle myself. Be the man who is my wifes-keeper, who honours his word, his wife, and can go 72 days without needing to serve papers.



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