Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Niu Warrior.

Our ancestors were founders of ours lands & nurturers of our people. They were fierce warriors when battle was called, fighting for our land, our people, our cultures. Our ancestors composed the songs we sing today, the dances we perform with a smile, the morals we are taught to embrace, the cultures that define us and the customs we were raised in. We all have a paradise in the pacific, a blessing to be able to call these islands, “Home”. Today, we must unite and fight a battle. The battle against the quintessential issues that will affect the path of Tomorrow. The fight to keep our traditions alive in a modern world, the battle for our youth to seek greatness through positive mind and education, the fight for our lands as they are slowly taken by the sea that for many years, kept us alive.

So in each day, be proud of who you are. Stand tall as a Pacific Islander, shine the beauty of our islands and the strength of our people through the things that you do, and say. Continue to fight the battles today, as new warrior. Our battles are not bloodshed, like our ancestors. But our battles are as threatening to our people and its future, just as they were for our forefathers. So, be the most accomplished Pacific island person you can be. Educate yourself on the issues, and let passion, determination and love be your weapon to fight the wars brought upon our nations shores. Let’s be warriors, for our lands, for our people, our cultures and OUR CHILDREN!! Together, we can make it.

Remember, God never blesses you a victory, without a challenge. Choose to be Victorious! Youre destined for it. x

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