Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012

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This is going to go down as a major event or milestone in History. Never in the history of the world has it been requested that a criminal be brought to justice from the masses of the globe.....all informed within days of a video being posted, and more so, within half an hour! We're living in interesting times.....

 Here's how things looked from my perspective prior to watching the referred 30min film.

  • I watched "Blood Diamond" and I realised some of the challenges that Africa had
  • I met a family from Sierre Leone who saw their parents killed in front of them and heard their stories. I felt compasson toward them, befriended them and that was about it.
  • I carried on with life and soon forgot the impression these stories had on me.
It's actually quite daunting to reflect and think about the many times I've been moved by injustices made in other countries, or even other individuals in my city, but soon the feeling fades and any intended actions fade with it. Now if you've seen the film you would've heard the little spiel that the senator gave, after the narrator explains that Joseph Kony manages to evade the 100 advisers sent by the US government in October 2011.

"If we take the pressure off, if we're not successful, he is going to be growing his numbers. People forget, and you've got to remind them, and it takes numbers to remind them, and if interest wanes, then, it'll just, it'll go away, and I'll end up standing out there alone, trying to do something to support completing the mission, It's got to be 2012" (approx 20:30 into the film)

This whole hype represents so many good things. It shows that the majority of the world still recognises that this type of activity needs to be stopped, that the Youth will make mountains move when they're given a purpose and that tenacity will even get the leaders of a Superpower country to listen....and then some. But people forget!

However, this type of movement always exposes those who were moved by principle and those who were moved by passion. The ones who were moved by the latter are the ones that wane and have to be constantly reminded. I remember a friend back in Auckland inviting me along to a protest "Come along Dave it'll be fun!" I wasn't a uni student, and I realised my mate was going for the fun of it? They soon forget!

The one that makes the decision on principle are the ones that have been sticking it out for the past 8 years and continue to do so by surrounding themselves in environments, media and around people on the same make sure they never forget!

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The flim was excellent, great editing, filmography, music, timing I could go on. But, personally, the clincher for me in the film was the when the Director makes his promise to Jacob that he would do everything he can to stop this. From that point on I was hooked, and I was drawn to the Director. Who kept reminding him for 8 years? How did he keep this passion alive? Why did he hold on to his promise to a kid that wasn't even family?.......I don't know the answers but 8 years later we have this viral video spreading like wildfire, and a whole bunch of young people catching fire because of it.
But what about you? Will you be filled with compassion and then click back to normality the next day, yea within the next hour? Or are you:

  • refuting the claims and that the charity is a fraud
  • happy to sit back because there's so many other causes to help
  • deliberately finding something else to distract yourself with
  • taking action because it'll make you feel good (and everyone else is doing it)
  • taking action because principle demands it
Whatever your answer is. Take time out to take stock of the promises you've made that are still yet to be fulfilled. And right now, do what you can to stop Kony, and stop another terrorist enemy called Procastination.