Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Samoan Civil Siva?

One of the coolest things I've seen this year has to be the sponsorship of Bluesky to the Samoan Olympics team. Samoa is a small nation, but as we know, media can and will convince the masses of whatever the media's message is dictating. And Bluesky did just that! Creating promotional videos, a facebook page, and possibly getting the biggest and most supportive following of any Samoan Olympic team since they joined the global event.

They didn't win any medals, but the awareness of their events, and their constant updates were a treat for the Samoan people! I like that a lot......Samoans (and others too) cheering on their fellow sporting countrymen.

BUT, last week news breaks out of a stand off between government authorities and local villagers at Satapuala. I only knew through one of the Facebook pages, and was shocked to read it. I tried to follow it to find out what was going on, and the gist of the matter is. The government want to build a public hospital, and have gone ahead to do so, but without the say so of the land owners.........yeah.....what the?!

I've only got the News from Samoa to rely on.....and of course the whispers communicated through the coconut vine, BUT is this not a sham?!

Germans, Americans, British (represented by NZ) all came to ransack Samoa in times past, for every nook and cranny and make a quid from it. I'm convinced there was even a sense of power behind their agenda (of course) but Samoa fought them back claiming full heritage rights to the land. The land and it's connection to Samoan identity is crucial which leads me into my thinking.

The land cleared for the intended hospital
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Samoans are doing this to Samoans? All Samoans should know that you need to go through the Matai council to make any moves or intervene in local village affairs. What in the world gave them the audacity to trespass our traditional methods and act like "the white man" to pillage and plunder a land that doesn't belong to them?

If this is factual, then shame on the Samoan government for not respecting a solid and reliable long-existing protocol.

This should be the question on every Samoans mind. Was this just an experiment, or a test trial from the government to see what type of reaction would occur? I'm not into conspiracy theories, but this down right got my knickers in a knot.

Mr Prime Minister and government officials. Please take a leaf out of Bluesky's book and learn to win the hearts of the people before trying to renovate on your own terms.

Faasoa mai o ou manatu. Please share your thoughts on this matter....

Samoa mo Samoa.