Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old School

Today my son asked me if he could play with my tablet. It took awhile to give an answer because I was fascinated at this 5yr old using this bizarre language.  The first time I had heard the words tablet was when I was told the story of Moses descending from Mt Sinai with two tablets in his hands, but as I grew up I got more familar with the use of pharmaceutical concoctions contained in these little lolly looking cells which we called tablets, they were meant to make me feel better from my ailment, well apparently the modern tablet is suppose to do the same. So it seems it’s come full circle and I imagine Moses holding an Ipad in each hand outliniing the ten commandments. 

The modern language with technology really does make a young buck like me (:P) feel like an old timer. I’m so old school that:
  • My iTunes was a matter of sitting in front of a protable radio/cassette player with a blank (or used) tape in the machine, my favourite radio station playing and my index and middle finger at the ready to press down the play and record button simulteanously so I could listen to the same song repetedly. OH MAN i hated it when the DJ would cut into the intro or jump in early at the end of the song!
  • Facebook would intimate the expression that you  were “Burying your face in a book”
  • Tweeting was only for birds
  •  Burning had nothing to do with transferring data onto a “Compact Disc”
  •  A lap top may have flirted with the idea that someone was referring to a private service at one of those dingy know the one?
  •  An Apple ipod was a walkman that you flipped the casette so you could listen to the ‘B’ side. 
  •  Windows were those things that my mates and me smashed when we were kicking the rugby ball around
  • Smartphones? We only had a homephone which didn’t even have buttons, we had to literally “dial” each number! I swear some of these Smartphones are smarter than their owners, and so they should, they’re charging a hefty monthly fee.

I’ve been without my smartphone for two and a half weeks. And it’s been bliss.  It’s definitely given me an insight into how many distractions demand our attention, but only because we've chosen to.
 I remember reading this book in primary school which attempted to forecast how the future would look.  It talked about phones with screens where people could call each other and see each other at the same time, you could order by placing your shopping list on a computer, the fridge would know how to measure and monitor it’s own temperature levels. My jaw dropped as a little kid thinking of how out of touch these concepts were, but now these things have come to fruition, and it doesn't 
Well I’m definitely an old schooler, I love time out without any of this technology. It’s great that it gives us convenience, but at a cost where our kids are constantly distracted by AI stimulation, where we’re trying to be in several social networking apps at the same time, and bringing and encouraging a mollycoddled generation, I like the ways of the old school. I suppose our only attempt is to take our families out of the cities for camps etc to get them back to basics and reflect on who they and who we are.
So what keeps you old school?