Saturday, November 17, 2012

Be the Change


I love hearing of people who are passionate about generating a positive change for our pacific island community, our youth & our islands! BUT its frustrating to know that SOME people who are yes, very passionate for our people, yes are ambitious to do things for our community & yes are willing to do anything to make an impact - they are also very passionate, ambitious & willing to do all those things to receive the glory FOR THEMSELVES! It's so wasteful knowing such great talented & passionate people exist but their potential to actually do the good work they intend, is hindered by their secret motives to take all the positive repercussions & often blame others or make others look bad when their work has a negative response...

Throughout history, the many pinnacle moments signifying great change was not done by ONE PERSON! No! through the help of hundreds & thousands of unsung heroes & unnamed warriors who all worked together to generate a gradual step, slowly by surely made the greatest impact of POSITIVE CHANGE that allowed generations to come & ours today to live with independent lands, freedom, rights etc. Like the great Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III, who a Leader of the Mau Movement in Samoa. He died by a NZ rifle during a peaceful march. His commitment & passion for THE MAU MOVEMENT is epitomised by the words he said on his death-bed. "My Blood has been spilt for Samoa. I am proud to give it. Do not dream of avenging it as it was spilt in maintaining peace". A simple statement that shows his fierce determination to bring peace for Samoa.. His death was a loss, but the pinnacle point to continue peaceful work that gradually turned his ambition & dream for the Mau movement, A REALITY! Samoa became an independent nation & has allowed many since then, and for future to call Samoa HOME!! It is physical evidence that great change cannot come without great people! Although Tamasese did not do it alone, and we will never forget the many people who suffered & fought for us, in Samoa & in all the pacific island nations!!

Just like many things today, to generate positive change or impact we cannot think of OURSELVES & do it alone.. Often the most successful historical moments happened thanks to the many compassionate & considerate people who did not demand recognition or light, or financial benefits or fame but did all they humanly could because simply because they cared..

So a little message to all who aspire to change the world. An advocate for positive change requires ambition, passion, commitment, determination & imagination! It requires the great courage to always embody that optimism AND the strength to stay humble & true! You as an individual might not receive direct gratitude. But your genuine heart to give without receiving, will slowly but surely make an impact, change a life & change the world! That fulfillment & confirmation knowing you helped with a whole heart is a blessing that you will always live with - you changed helped save a life, make an impact, change the world. Small help from big hearts turn into BIG SMILES from small hearts.. Your love will be felt by our generation & many more generations to come!

- - Your greatest glory won't come from working alone & receiving all the acknowledgement but generally making little progress, no. The greatest glory comes from working with other amazing people without expecting returned favours, all to be a part of something initiating a change today, to help see a greater tomorrow!!

Great people recognize the greatness in others & do great things to inspire others to do the same xx